Some Features:

  • Mexican Airports 2®, its a real reproduction of the airports that it contains, designed by real pilots, reproduces every "classic" detail of the latin american airports.

  • Corrected Mesh terrain on the airport surroundings.

  • Awesome 3D objects are included, placed carefully in the real coordinates with great night effects.

  • 100% Photo-realistic 3D objects and Airports

  • Aeropuertos de México 2® Adds new airports-aerodromes, corrects the navaids and adds the missing ILS, adds new AI traffics with real itineraries.

  • Airports like Mazatlan, Los Cabos, Tijuana, Monterrey, Loreto, Mexicali, Ensenada, Ciudad Juarez are included, More than 35 high detail photo-realistic airports options, covering the North of Mexico and the Mex-US border Airports..

  • New seasonal and night effects.

  • Optimized G-max Design with great performance

  • New AI traffic and positions

  • Includes the "Spanish Language Pack light" withMore than 18,000 ATC voices!

  • Main cities with many visual references for the aviation.

  • The new terminals for Culiacan, Tijuana, Monterrey are Included

  • Upgrades Mexico City Intl Airport for Mexican Airports 1

  • Printed User guide with more than 60 approach charts for all Mexico.

  • New Shadows and Water Effects.

Available October 25

Mexican Airports 2®, its the new expansion pack from FlyMex for the microsoft® flight simulator 2002, with new effects, AI traffic, and awesome 3D objects, new and corrected airports, corrected and revised navaids and a complete new view of Mexico on your flight simulator 2002.

-More than 35 airports reproductions, covering the NORTH of Mexico, and all the US-Mexico Border, and the "Baja" zone.


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