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MEXICO 2004 CS®, Special Edition: "A century of Flight" its the new expansion pack from FlyMex for the microsoft® flight simulator 2004, with new effect, and awesome 3D G-max objects, new and corrected airports, corrected and revised navaids and a complete new view of Mexico on your flight simulator 2004, Mexico 2004CS is part of the "Mexican Airports" Scenery series that we Publish since 1996.

- 100% Photo-realistic 3D objects and Airports
-Corrected Mesh terrain on the airport surroundings.
-It Adds the missing navaids, and it corrects the existent ones
-It Adds aerodromes for high performance operations like Atizapan, Toluca and Pachuca.
-Runway/taxiway/ramp signs
-Hundreds of 3D Photo-realists objects
-Main cities with many visual references for the aviation.
-More than 65 airports reproductions, covering the CENTER and SOUTH of Mexico.
-New Shadows and Water Effects.
-MIP Mapping compatible

-Spanish ATC Language Pack
-More than 60 Printed Approach Plates!
-Archeological Ruins, Towns, Roads, Rivers and Coastlines, Fly Visual!

-Highly detailed Mexico City, with main Buildings, Cathedrals, Monuments, Avenues, Streets and High Res Images.

-No more Generic Mexican Airports!

-Developed by Real Pilots, One of the best add-ons for Flight Simulator!

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$29.95 USD
*English Edition


Ave Río San Joaquín 704
Segundo Piso
11250 México D.F.

Tels 5580 0333 y 5395 1722


Fly South of the border!, High Elevation Airports, Short Runways, Archeological Ruins and The best beaches!




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New 3D Graphics, Highly Detailed!

The Best Performance, Fly IFR or VFR with the best Frame Rates!

High Res Images and Objects, with real GPS Positions

Great Airport Surroundings!


New Detailed Mesh terrain data with special effects, Volcano Eruptions and Fireworks!

A new Professional Mexico View!